My name is Rosalie Charlotte Krijl, a 27-year-old self-taught multi media semi-realism artist and medical doctor from The Netherlands.

My passion for creating art started as soon as I was able to hold a pencil. After drawing fairies and princesses as a little girl for years, I started with hyperrealism when I was 12 years old. In that year, Michael Jackson, whom my brother and I had been fan of for a while, passed away. Because his death was affecting us a lot, I wanted to create something for my brother. That idea became my first realistic portrait. Although the drawing was not very realistic, it made me realize how I could  create my own world through pencil and paper.

As soon as I made my first realistic drawings, I decided to post them online on popular Dutch online platforms. Via those platforms, I gained my motivation to improve by receiving tons of feedback and nice comments from people all over the country. In the years following, I kept sharing my art through the upcoming platforms facebook and instagram which has helped me to grow as an artist, to receive commissions, to be able to do expositions, organize big meet-ups in the community and to meet other artists who I can now call my friends.

Six years ago, I got the chance to combine my art and my knowledge as a medical student into medical drawings. I made over 80 illustrations which are now published into the Dutch medical book series ”Compendium Geneeskunde”. It is very cool that my drawings are now being used for studying anatomy and physiology in medical school. 

During my time as a medical student, CoLine Amsterdam was established. CoLine Amsterdam has been a brand developed by four medical students (including me) with a broad interest in society and an artistic drive that inspires innovative activity beyond the hospital walls. We express our creativity and entrepreneurship skills by creating handmade accessories and apparel. For this brand, I create designs, inspired by human anatomy and physiology.

I find inspiration in everything I see daily. I like to combine different styles en mediums. Art is an escape from reality. You can forget about the world for a moment and can create everything you want to. At the moment I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone by learning different styles and drawing for education purposes in my own medical work field.

I also love to use artistry as a medial doctor. My visual ability, fine motor skills and knowledge of anatomy come into their own within these specialisms.